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Loader crane trailer truck

The extended option is a truck with a trailer and a loader crane — it greatly increases the efficiency of the entire transport process.

Types of loader crane vehicles

Mobile loader cranes can be categorised by their purpose or the place where the levers are installed. According to the first division criterion, we distinguish general-purpose loader crane trucks and loader crane trucks for wood (the so-called forest cranes). The former have cranes mounted on the truck chassis, which results in that the boom can be operated in two axis: horizontal or vertical — depending on project-specific needs. In turn, the vehicles intended for forest logging, instead of hooks, have special grippers, which allow to lift and transport heavy logs. As it comes to the place where the levers are installed, you can distinguish loader crane trucks with the crane mounted together with the loading box at the rear of the vehicle, vehicles with the crane located behind the driver’s cab — most often used by transport companies, and also trucks where the crane is installed in the middle of the truck. Due to such a wide variety of machines of this type, and thus — due to the variety of ranges, lifting capacities and structures, loader crane vehicles are used on a large scale in many different sectors of the industry.

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    Are you interested in an customized offer?
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