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Loader crane truck

A loader crane can be mounted on various types of trucks. A specially designed crane facilitates loading and unloading of goods and is a self-propelled heavy-duty device. This type of solution allows for a significant reduction in handling time, which is of great importance in the case of the optimal management of the supply chain.

What exactly is a loader crane truck?

A loader crane truck, is a delivery vehicle, often a truck, that has been equipped with specialized equipment in the form of a lift and a crane (known as a loading crane). Such a loader crane usually has a load capacity from several hundred kilograms to even several tons and is irreplaceable in many works requiring transport, loading and unloading of large-size materials. Regardless of whether you have a construction equipment company or you plan a large load for your own needs (e.g. For building a single-family house), loading crane transport is in many cases the best, if not the only solution. The strength of human hands and other machines and vehicles have their limitations, and this type of solution makes an excellent alternative for them. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the development of loader crane trucks on the construction machinery market has revolutionized the transport of heavy loads such as building materials, containers, poles or various steel structures.

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    Are you interested in an customized offer?
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