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Types of offered slings

What are slings?

The sling is an element of equipment for machines and lifting devices, and various types of cranes, including overhead cranes. They are used for multi-point suspending, strapping or supporting the transported load. Usually, it is an accessory that can be attached to the hook of the used machine. The most commonly applied are beam-like slings — traverses — having a handle or a sling at the top, and allowing for multi-link suspension of leg at the bottom. The legs may be of a fixed length, but often they allow to adjust and position the link. The legs may terminate with hooks, shackles or loops. They are selected according to the transport requirements of a given load.

The slings can have different classifications. To begin with, let’s look at them in terms of the material of the legs: there are chain slings, steel cable slings, slings with legs in the form of fibre or synthetic straps or ropes.

Another classification is the number of legs of the sling — we have single-leg slings, two-leg slings, three- or four-leg slings, moreover one- and two-loop slings, hook slings, link slings, closed-loop slings or net slings.

The slings can also be divided according to the method of securing the transported load. These will be gripping slings, hook slings, self-locking slings, jaw slings, bow shackle slings, vacuum slings and fork slings. They can be used, for example for transporting pipes, stringers, pallets, barrels, concrete rings, and even enclosed wagons or containers.

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